Friday, October 29, 2010

Dear friends, I hope all is going well in your lives! And I miss you all so dearly!
Well last night was my blind date with my friend's cousin, it was SO much fun!
We went to a corn maze and then went back to my friend's apartment where we played games and made homemade skookies! So yummo!
My date was so nice and way cute, so we'll see if anything happens!
Well Halloween is this weekend which is way fun, and my school puts on this HUGE
Halloween party every year but I don't know if I'm going to go or not.
I'll have to let you know!
Today was a bio exam and it was pretty rough! So I'm planning to spend the rest of my afternoon sleeping and watching smallville! Its a great show what can I say?!
Anyways I love you guys! Please keep me updated on how your doing!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

It has been a while!

Well I am finally writing (due to the advice of a certain someone, you know who you are:)
Anyhow school has been going good, I mean its school right?
Still don't have a job, but I am going job hunting tomorrow, is that the proper terminology? Hunting? Well I think its difficult enough to be considered hunting.
Today I got asked on a date! Well....sorta.....its a blind date! My friend that I have known since forever is setting me up with her cousin (who is quite cute I might add, yes I facebook stalked, and No I do not think it is wrong or creepy!) so I'm excited for that! I don't know when it'll be, but I'll keep you posted on any updates that come!
Anyways I really need some sleep, so I love you all! And I miss you so much! And girlies: AKA: erin, kylie, al, and meg you guys are all slackers and you need to update your blogs! I want to hear about whats going on!