Thursday, November 18, 2010

So Freakin Excited!

Can I just say that I cannot wait until my family comes up to Logan! I almost just peed a little bit!
Well I hope everyone is doing great I've talked to most of you recently but just know that I love you, and freals want you to keep me posted in things that are happening in your lives.
Work is going good! I work today and then tomorrow, but thats all for this week!
At first I was super overwhelmed with everything, and all the things I have to remember, but my supervisor told me not to worry and that I will get everything down soon enough!
School is good, stressful though as finals are coming up! Which I am sure you understand.
So last night I really needed to do my laundry but I didn't want to, so I drank like 2 mugs of green tea and then an hour later my laundry was started and my room was completely clean! (for the first time in like forever!) But unfortunately I drank too much green tea for my own good, and I couldn't sleep like at all!
Well I love you guys and miss you so so much! please keep in touch!

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