Monday, August 30, 2010

First Impressions

Well today was the first official day of school, and when I got off the bus this morning you could see my breath, it was so chilly! So then for the rest of the day it decided to rain, causing much trouble as one of my classes was on the other side of campus! So I ended up COMPLETELY soaked and in much need of pajamas and a nice long nap.
However the rain was benificial in some ways, while riding back to school on the bus a very very goodlooking gentleman sat next to me!
He was so cute so I knew that I had to say something or I would regret it (just like every other time) so I asked him where the Engineering building was (legitimately my next class) and he had just come from that building earlier, so he whips out his map and after telling me how dorky he felt for having a map he showed me precisely where the building was!
Haha thats it! I was too stupid to even ask him his name!
So for now he will be known as the hottie Mchothot from Oakridge.
I'm sorry if I'm boring you guys but I wanted to tell someone of my pathetic adventures!
Anyways love and miss you guys so much!!!

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  1. Ohhh so hottie lives in oakridge too? I hope ya got your jammies and a nap! Love you!