Monday, August 23, 2010

Legitimately Ultimately Universally Constantly Officially moved in!

Well I am moved in! Last night I said goodbye to the fam and they left Logan this morning. Wow it really sucked having them leave, and sadly enough I did cry a wee bit, ok lets be honest I was practically bawling. But luckily my shweet roomate Hailee was cool enough to be watching my favorite movie EVER zoolander, and let me tell you there is no one better at making you feel better than Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson! So just chilling in my flat (the british word for apartment, which I think is a way cooler word than apartment, so for future notice I will be using that word from now on) and procrastinating my essay that is due on wednesday. I tried to add pics of my flat, but for some reason I cannot figure out how to do that so maybe I will later! Love you guys so much! and I miss you loads!

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  1. awee i'm sorry to hear about missing your family, but it will be great :) (I know i'm a bit late here haha) love you tons!